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Mother's pedigree: Breder from Darstadt, Bavaria, Germany

It’s me at the top, on the right. I'm a little more than 7 years old there. Behind me was at that time my move from Sakhalin island, Russia, where I was born in 1951, to Kazakhstan in 1956. I don't remember how much time our family spent on this trip, but probably not more than two weeks. But it's nothing compared to what two of my ancestors went through with their parents in 1766: Eva Margareta Herget (27.12.1761, Böhl, Germany), my five times great-grandmother on the paternal side, and Maria Margaretha Breder (04.10.1761, Darstadt, Bavaria, Germany), my four times great-grandmother... 

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Beil surname in the family tree of my mother

Beil from colony Seelmann, Russia 251 years passed since my ancestors Beil /Peil arrived in Russia, accepting the invitation of Catherine II (Catherine the Great of Russia). Manifestos of 1762 and 1763. Beil surname in the family tree of my mother 1. Jakob Joseph Peil (Якоб Иозиф Пайль, ca.1738, cath., farmer from Bitsch, Lothringen, France). Spouse: Anna Franziska (Анна Франсиска ...), ca. 1736. Arrived in Louis (Otrogovka), Saratov District, Russia 14.6.1766. Son — Peter Peil. 2. Peter Beil (Петер Байль, ca. 1772. Married and moved to Seelmann... 

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