Mother's pedigree: Breder from Darstadt, Bavaria, Germany


It’s me at the top, on the right. I'm a little more than 7 years old there. Behind me was at that time my move from Sakhalin island, Russia, where I was born in 1951, to Kazakhstan in 1956. I don't remember how much time our family spent on this trip, but probably not more than two weeks.

But it's nothing compared to what two of my ancestors went through with their parents in 1766: Eva Margareta Herget (27.12.1761, Böhl, Germany), my five times great-grandmother on the paternal side, and Maria Margaretha Breder (04.10.1761, Darstadt, Bavaria, Germany), my four times great-grandmother on the maternal side, who at the age of five not only left their home country, Germany, but shared with parents all the difficulties and sufferings  on the way to Russia.

My ancestor Michael Breder and his family arrived from Lubeck, Germany in Oranienbaum (now Lomonosov, Leningrad region, Russia) on July 4, 1766, but reached Seelmann / Rownaya, near Saratov only on the 2 of August, 1767.

Mother's pedigree: Breder from Darstadt, Bavaria, Germany

Seelmann / Rownaya, Russia

1. Michael Breder, circa 1728, his wife: Catharina…...  (both from Darstadt, Bavaria, Germany). My five-times-great-grandparents — Their daughter: Maria Margaretha Breder.

2. Heinrich Paul (Пауль), circa 1758, moved from Preuss, Russia, his wife: Maria Margaretha Breder (Бредер), 4 Oktober 1761.  My four — times-great-grandparents  – Their daughter:  Anna Margaretha Paul.

3. David Rau (circa 1795 died 1841), moved from Neu Kolonie, Russia, his wife: Anna Margaretha Paul (circa 1800, married October 1814). My three — times-great-grandparents  – One of their sons: Friedrich Rau.

4. Friedrich Rau (circa 1824), his wife: Elisabeth Denk (circa 1826).  My two — times-great-grandparents  – One of their sons: Peter Rau.

5. Peter Rau (circa 1852), his wife: Susanna Justina Raab (1855). Married 1870. My great-grandparents — One of their daughters: Elisabeth Rau.

6. Elisabeth Rau (1885), her husband Andreas Beil (1876). Married 1903. My grandparents – One of their daughters: Wilchelmina Beil (1918).

7. Wilchelmina Beil, her 2 husband Sabelfeld Alexander. Married 1948. My parents. Their children: …… …

 Additional information

Parents (родители).  2.

Grandparents (бабушка и дедушка). 4.

Great-Grandparents (прадедушка и прабабушка). 8.

2nd Great-Grandparents (two — times-great-grandparents, два раза-прабабушка и два раза-прадедушка). 16.

3rd Great-Grandparents (three -times-great-grandparents, три раза-прабабушка и три раза-прадедушка). 32.

4th Great-Grandparents (four -times-great-grandparents, четыре раза-прабабушка и четыре раза- прадедушка). 64.

5th Great-Grandparents (five-times-great-grandparents, пять раз-прабабушка и пять раз-прадедушка). 128.

Irma Sabelfeld


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