My successes and failures in compiling family tree of my ancestors Trippel


My successes and failures in compiling family tree of my ancestors Trippel from Katharinenstadt, Russia.

(on the photo, approximately translation from latein): Nieder — Eschbach: November 14, 1755 on Friday during public prayer Matthias Trippel, son... of Heinrich Trippel married Elizabeth, ... daughter. ... Schmitt, a local resident.
Nieder-Eschbach: 1756. On November 10, between 12 and 13 o'clock, Mathias Trippel's wife, Elizabeth, gave birth to a son, who was baptized on the 12th of the same month. The witnesses were Johann Friederich, ... who gave the child his name... .

My father, last name Sabelfeld, told me, that his ancestors were from Katharinenstadt. (other names: Baronsk / Marxstadt, now Marx, Russia). Using information from archives, books, census, …. I have compiled the family tree of my ancestors Sabelfeld from Katharinenstadt who moved from Germany to Russia in 1766. Here it is.

1. Andreas Sabelfeld 1717; from Nassau- Usingen; his second wife — Anna Elisabeth von Hess, 1735 or 1745 (various sources), from Julich, Saalfecht (Saldfrecht)?; his son — Johann Christoph Lorenz Sabelfeld.
2. Johann Christoph Lorenz Sabelfeld, 1767; his wife — Johanna Elisabeth Wunderlich, circa 1773, from Niedermonjou (Нидермонжу, now Bobrowka / Бобровка, Russia), his son – Johann Heinrich Sabelfeld.
3. Johann Heinrich Sabelfeld, 5 December 1806; his wife — Maria Sophia Diesendorf, circa 1810; his son — Johann Gottlieb Sabelfeld.
4. Johann Gottlieb Sabelfeld, 4 June 1828; his wife — Margaretha Wormsbecher, circa 1829; his son — Johann Philipp Sabelfeld.
5. Johann Philipp / Johannes Sabelfeld, 14 August 1851; his wife — Anna Elisabeth Trippel, circa 1852; his son – Karl Adam Sabelfeld.
6. Karl Adam Sabelfeld, 18 August 1878; his wife — Maria Dorothea Rössner, 25 February 1879; his son – Karl Sabelfeld.
7. Karl Sabelfeld, 15 April 1900; his wife – Alexandra Vereschagina, 1899: his children – Alexander …. (my father) , ……. .

1. Anna Elisabeth von Hess. In 1767 was 28 (1739). In 1776 she was 41 (1735). In 1798 she was 52 (1746).
2. Andreas Sabelfeld. In 1767 was 45 (1722). In 1776 he was 59 (1717).
3. The wedding of Andreas Sabelfeld and Anna Elisabeth von Hess took place 17 July 1766, Domkirche, Luebeck, Germany.
4. My ancestors, the families of Sabelfeld, Diesendorf, Wormsbecher, Trippel, Rössner were among the first settlers of Katharinenstadt, Russia in 1767.

Also using information from archives, books, census,... I made a family tree of my ancestors Trippel from Katharinenstadt who moved from Nieder-Eschbach, Germany, to Russia in 1766. But in this case, I still have to gather information.
In “Hadis / now Arcinsys Hessen / Das Archivinformationssystem des Hessischen / The archival information system of the Hessen” I have found such a document:
Jahr 1764. Abgeschlagenes Manumissionsgesuch? für Caspar Schütz, Joh. Trippel, Philipp Keßler und Math. Trippel, alle aus Niedereschbach.
(Year 1764. Manumission? …. for Caspar Schütz, Joh. Trippel, Philipp Keßler and Math. Trippel, all from Niedereschbach). If I understand correctly, their request to let go was rejected.
But anyway, Caspar Schütz and Johann Trippel reached Russia in 1766 and settled in the colony of Warenburg and Mathias Trippel (my ancestor) — in colony of Katharinenstadt.

From my Sabelfeld’s family tree
The fifth generation: (5). Johann Philipp / Johannes Sabelfeld, 14 August 1851; his wife — Anna Elisabeth Trippel, circa 1852; his son – Karl Adam Sabelfeld 1878.

I still haven’t learned exactly in what family of Trippel in Katharinenstadt was born my great-great-grandmother Anna Elisabeth Trippel, approx. 1852. It's still a puzzle to me that I can't solve, I'm just guessing.

In the census of 1873 in Katharinenstadt there are two Anna Elisabeth Trippel of suitable age. One of them (19 years old, approximately born in 1854 and married to Kramer Johann Philipp, born in 1850. The second Anna Elisabeth Trippel (age 21, approx. born in 1852), married to Sabelfeld Johann Philipp / Johannes, born in 1851 (my ancestors).

In the census of 1857 there is only one Anna Elisabeth Trippel. She is 3 years old (approx. born in 1854), and her parents: Johann Jakob Trippel (born in 1813, his father: Johannes Trippel, born in 1783, his mother is unknown) and his wife Maria Elisabeth Trippel, approx. born in 1813 (her parents: Christoph Trippel, born in 1789 and Susanna Katharina Ginter?, born in 1792). it is rare for cousins to marry each other, but it occures. Johannes Trippel 1783 and Christoph Trippel 1789 were brothers.

Also I have found a Church birth record where was written that in November 1853 was born Anna Elisabeth, her parents: Johann Jacob Trippel and Ana Elisabeth geb. Trippel. The godparents were: Johann Simon Emig, Johann Caspar Trippel, Katharina Elisabeta Holzfogt and Anna Margaretha Boos.

Which of these two Anna Elisabeth Trippel (parents: Johann Jakob Trippel, 1813 + Maria Elisabeth, nee Trippel 1813 or Johann Jacob Trippel + Ana Elisabeth nee Trippel) is my ancestor, I don't know yet.

In the census Katharinenstadt 1850 I have found Johann Jacob Trippel, ledig, there were even two of them, both ledig and Ana Elisabeth nee Trippel, ledig and only one of the suitable age.

The first family: Johann Jacob Trippel, born 1792. His father Friedrich Trippel, 1756, his spouse Maria Elisabeth Asmus 1799. His children: Johann Jacob Trippel, 1828 and Anna Elisabeth Trippel, 1830. Before 1857 Johann Jacob Trippel, 1828, married Maria Margaretha Vogau.

The second family: Georg Simon Trippel 1796, his father Friedrich Trippel, 1756, his spouse Maria Dorothea Schmidt, 1807, his son Johann Jacob Trippel, 19 Jan 1827 — 21 Feb 1878. In the census of 1850 and 1857 Johann Jacob is not married. Only in the census of Katharinenstadt 1873 we see that his second wife is Christina Becker, 1841, children: Sophia, 1861, …. .

As I have said this is not the first time, at least according to the census Katharinenstadt that cousins Trippel married to each other.

It is right that Anna Elisabeth Trippel, born 1853 had parents Johann Jacob Trippel (his parents: Georg Simon Trippel 1796 and Maria Dorothea Schmidt 1807) and Anna Elisabeth nee Trippel (her parents Johann Jacob Trippel, 1792 and Maria Elisabeth Asmus 1799).

Georg Simon Trippel 1796 and Johann Jacob Trippel 1792 were brothers, their father was Friedrich Trippel, 1756.

Some additional information

Using census of 1798, 1834, 1850 , 1857 and 1873 in Katharinenstadt, I received the following information about Friedrich, 10 November 1756, and his descendants with the names of Johann Jacob and Anna Elisabeth …….

Friedrich Trippel (10 November 1756, died approx. in 1823) and his spouse: Eva Margareth Herget (27 December, 1761 in Böhl, Germany and died on 29 December 1836 in Katharinenstadt), married in 1777, had 9 children:

1. Johannes, approx. 1783 – 1850. His second spouse: Anna Maria (33 in 1834). His son Johann Jacob 1812 (22 in 1834), his wife Maria Elisabeth, nee Trippel, 1813 (22 in 1834). His daughter, Anna Elisabeth, 3 years old in 1857.

2. Valentin, approx. 1786 — 1840. His spouse: Maria Geier (1790-). His son: Johann Jacob, 1814 (spouse: Maria Elisabeth Koenig 1817.

3. Johann Christoph approx. 1789 -1850. His spouse: Susanna Katharina (42 in 1834). His daughter Elisabeth (22 in 1834).

4. Johann Jacob Trippel approx. 1792. Spouse: Maria Elisabeth Asmus: 1799. His son: Johann Jacob Trippel 28 May 1828. His daughter: Anna Elisabeth Trippel 1830

5. Georg Simon Trippel approx. 1796. Spouse: Maria Dorothea Schmidt 1807. His son: Johann Jacob Trippel 19 Jan 1827 — +21 Feb 1878. (his 2 spouse: Christina Becker, 1841, children: Sophia, 1861, Johann Karl, 1863, Maria Katharina, 1872, Johann Jacob, 2 Mar 1872…...)

6. Катерина Елизабета, прибл. 1782.

7. София Елизабета прибл. 1795.

8. Adam Trippel 1800. Spouse: Katharina Margaretha Fischer 1804

9. Анна Маргарета, 1803.

And more...

Among the first settlers of KatharinenstadtHaushalt 25 (in 1767). Trippel Mathias 40; Bierbrauer; aus Hanau, Nieder-Eschbach. Frau (spouse): Anna Elisabetha Schmidt 36; Kinder (children): Johann Friedrich 13; Johannes 10; Elisabeth 6; Anna Katharine 9 Monate. In der Kolonie eingetroffen am 27.8.1766. Erhalten 150 Rubels.

Source: Igor Pleve „Einwanderung in das Wolgagebiet 1764—1767“

1776, Katharinenstadt

Haushalt 27. Mathias Trippel 47; Frau: Elsabeth Schmidtin 45; Söhne: Friedrich 20; Johannes 17; Töchter: Elisabeth 15 (in 1798 she is the wife of Johann Springer, Haushold 35); Katharine 9; Regina 6. Reformiert. Geburtsort: Nieder- Eschbach, Hanau. Bauer.

(Among his children were two sons: Friedrich, 10 November 1756, and Johannes, approx. 1760. According to the census of 1834 Katharinenstadt, the descendants of Johannes Trippel, approx. 1760, had no sons or grandsons named Johann Jakob Trippel of suitable age to be fathers to my great-great-grandmother Anna Elisabeth and to Anna Elisabeth, the wife of Philip Kramer. At the same time, Friedrich Trippel, 10 November 1756, had several of them.

Since the descendants of Johannes Trippel, approx. 1760, didn’t have daughters with the names Anna Elizabeth in the census of 1834 too, so I began to study the family of Friedrich Trippel, 10 November 1756.

Irma Sabelfeld


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