Specht's name in my family tree (my mother's side)


Among the ancestors of my grandmother Elisabeth Beil, née Rau, 1885, is Maria Caroline Specht, her father is Elias Specht, born 1750, from Bamberg, Bavaria.

Birth and Marriage registers in the colony of Seelmann / Rovnoje, Russia include the following information: (approximately translation)
29.01.1845. Married, Andreas Raab from Rownoje and Barbara Roppel from Kochetnaja. His parents: Michael Raab and Margareta Miller. Her parents: Wenceslaus Roppel and Maria Carolina Specht.

24.11.1870. Peter Rau, 18 years and Susanna Raab, 17 years. His parents: Friedrich Rau and Elisabeth Denk. Her parents: Andreas Raab and Barbara Roppel. Witnesses: Heinrich Rau and Carl Miller.

20.05.1855, baptized (christened) Susanna Justina. Parents: Andreas Rab and Barbara Ropel. Godparents: Wilhelm Haag with his wife Susanne Baumler and Carl Miller with his wife Justine Shellhorn.

07.11.1903. Andreas Beil, 27 years and Elisabeth Rau, 17 years. His parents: Adam Beil and Anna Margareta née Weber. Her parents Peter Rau and Susanna née Raab.

I got the following:
Elizabeth Rau – her mother Susanna née Raab — her grandmother Barbara Raab née Roppel – her great-grandmother Maria Carolina Roppel née Specht.

Additional information

1767 census of the colony of Selmann / Rovnoe, Russia.
60a. Specht Elias 17, kath., Waise, lebt im Haushalt von Georg Bickel.
Source: I. Pleve: «Einwanderung in das Wolgagebiet 1764—1767»

Specht Elias, Cath., farmer from Bamberg, doc. No. 1964, single.
Source: I.Pleve: «Lists of colonists to Russia in 1766. Reports by Ivan Kulberg»

Among the ancestors of my grandfather Andreas Beil is Johann Adam Specht, 1792, whose sister is Maria Caroline Specht, and their father is Elias Specht, born 1750, in Bamberg, Bavaria.

Birth and Marriage registers in the colony of Seelmann / Rovnoje, Russia include the following information: (approximately translation)

07. 11. 1903. Andreas Beil, 27 years and Elisabeth Rau 17 years. His parents: Adam Beil and Anna Margareta née Weber. Her parents: Peter Rau and Susanna nee Raab.

15.11.1865. Adam Beil, 18 years and Anna Margaretha Weber, 17 years.
His parents: Christopher Beil and Maria née Seewald. Her parents: Ivan Weber and Margaretha née Specht.

I got the following:
Andreas Beil — his mother Anna Margaretha née Weber — his grandmother Margaretha née Specht.

To find out Margareta Specht's parents, many documents had to be revised.
But all doubts were dispelled by this one sentence:
13.08.1848-15.08.1848 Johann Specht. Parents: Johann Specht and Margaretha May. The godparents: Johannes Weber and Margaretha Specht.

According to the theory that the “godparents” mainly were relatives, what do you think I should have to do?
Certainly, find the Specht’s family in Seеlmann / Rownoje where was the son Johann Specht with the wife Margaretha May. I have found this family. Johann Specht was the son of Johann Adam Specht, 1792, and Anna Maria Fischbach, 1792. So I found the parents of my ancestor Margaretha Specht.

Johann Adam Specht was born in 1792 in Seelmann / Rownoe, Russia and died in the same place in 1832. He married Anna Maria Fischbach, 1792. She was from Seelmann / Rownoe, Russia too and the daughter of Peter Fischbach and Elisabeth Giller (Hiller) from Neu Colony.

Children of Johann Adam Specht and Anna Maria Fischbach:
1. Margaretha Specht, approx. 1817 (grandmother of Andreas Beil, 1876, great-grandmother of my mother Wilhelmina Beil and my great-great-grandmother).
2. Carolina Specht, approx. 1818.
3. Johannes Specht, approx. 1820. Wife: Margareta May.
4. Nikolaus Specht, approx. 1822.
5. Anna Specht, approx. 1824.
6. Katherina Specht, approx. 1831.
7. Georg (Johann Georg) Specht, 1833.
Perhaps they had more children but I don’t know.

Children of Margaretha Specht, 1817 and Johannes /Johann Weber, 4 October 1815 (his parents: Johannes Weber 1788 and Margaretha Bähr (Bär) 1790).
1. Elisabeth Weber, approx. 1835.
2. Katharina Weber, approx. 1836.
3. Johannes Weber, approx. 1838.
4. Peter Weber, approx. 1844.
5. Jacob Weber, 1846.
6. Anna Maria Weber, approx. 1848.
7. Anna Margareta Weber, approx. 1849 died 21 October 1916 (my great-grandmother on the side of my grandfather Andreas Beil, 1876). Her husband (my great-grandfather): Adam Beil, 1848.

Irma Sabelfeld


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