A Little Dog gave up chasing a hare in the wood and stretched himself out by the side of the path beneath a tree. He was out of breath and his stomach rumbled with hunger. And what he really felt like doing at that moment was taking a nap. But he could not sleep a wink while the bird disturbed him.

Hopping to and fro among the twigs, the bird chirped and twittered very loudly. At last she landed on a twig next to the dog’s head and said, addressing him: „Hello, my good friend. I hope I don’t disturb you. What makes you so upset?”

«Ah!» sighed the Little Dog. “I ran after the hare, but he was much quicker than me. Now I am starving to death.“

“O dear,” exclaimed the bird. “This is indeed a sad story; but cheer up and listen to me. Just now a girl is following this path. Soon she will be here. Her father works in the wood, and every day she brings him meatballs in a bundle for dinner. You must hide behind a tree. By the way, do you like meatballs?” asked she.

“Of course!“ replied the Little Dog. “I like meatballs very much.”

“I’ll make the girl lay the bundle with meatballs on the ground and run after me. In the meantime, you should eat meatballs and …. ”

The sudden appearance of the girl on the path interrupted their conversation. The Little Dog had scarcely hid behind the tree when the girl approached it. A little later a bird appeared in the air, singing and circling around the girl’s head. Then the bird flew down, landed near the girl and pretending as if one of her wings were broken, hopped forward. The girl laid the bundle with meatballs on the ground and ran after her. By that time the Little Dog crept out from behind a tree as noiselessly as he could, ate the meatballs and hid behind the tree again. As the bird saw it, she beat her wings and lifted high into the sky.

The girl was sad when she returned to her bundle. But when she saw that there were no meatballs in the bundle, she burst into tears.

When the girl came home, she told her mother of what had happened, and I don’t know whether her mother scolded her or not for what she had done.

But the dog didn’t forget to thank the bird for a dinner.


Meatballs (Ingredients)

1lb ground chuck (or lean ground beef)

2 white – bread slices, crumbled

1 egg, beaten

1 little onion, finely chopped

¼ cup milk

1 teaspoon salt


vegetable oil for frying


In medium bowl, using a fork, toss bread with milk, egg, salt, onion and pepper.

Add ground chuck (or ground beef).

Stir just until well mixed.

Shape mixture into balls, about 2 inches in diameter.

Brown meatballs well all over in hot vegetable oil in large skillet.

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